Opulence Products

Nutritive Scalp Serum
patent approved

KeraLage Nutritive Scalp Serum is beneficial for hair health. This light weight oil is packed with nutrients for the scalp, yet does not weigh the hair down. These carefully selected moisturizing and healing oils aid in restoring and maintaining beautiful and healthy hair!

Weight: 0.25lbs.      Price:$11.99     

Opulence Shine

KeraLage Opulence Shine adds nourishment and shine to dry hair. It also helps to promote healthy hair by improving its strength and elasticity.

Weight: 0.25lbs.      Price:$10.99     

Opulence Hydrate Shampoo

KeraLage Opulence Hydrating Shampoo is ph balanced and formulated to hydrate and repair dry, damaged and chemically treated hair leaving it clean, refreshed, moisturized and strong. This light and citrusy scented cleanser is rich in vitamins and nutrients and contain no harsh surfactants or parabens.

Weight: 0.69lbs.      Price:$8.95     

Opulence Hydrate Conditioner

KeraLage Opulence Hydrate Conditioner is ph balanced and is specially formulated with selected proteins and natural conditioners. This rich, deeply hydrating formula heals and repairs dry, damaged and chemically treated hair leaving it quenched, moisturized and rejuvenated.

Weight: 0.69lbs.      Price:$9.95     

Opulence Moisturizing Hair Creme

Keralage Opulence Hair Creme is a luxurious moisturizer that can be used on wet or dry hair. The organic and botanical blend of ingredients nourishes the hair and leaves it feeling soft. This alcohol-free moisturizer also protects the hair from heat and environmental damage without drying it out or weighing it down.

Weight: 0.69lbs.      Price:$14.99    

Pre-Cleanse Restorative Hair Treatment
patent approved

KeraLage Pre-Cleanse Restorative Hair Treatment is the first step in the restorative system to achieving healthy hair! The collaborative blend of oils has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft as well as get to the root of dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Hair is rejuvenated, protected and strengthened before the shampooing process. For best results, use weekly until hair improves, then use once monthly or as needed for maintenance.

Weight: 0.69lbs.      Price:$13.99     

Opulence Collection

The Opulence package contain all of our products for a total Keralage hair care solution

Weight: 2.25lbs.      Price:$76.95