Frequently Asked Questions

Keralage FAQ's

I'm currently using another hair product line. Will the restorative oils work with what I'm using now?

Yes ! The restorative oils will enhance any hair care product line, but were formulated to work synergistically with KeraLage ® products. The ingredients were carefully selected to promote healthy hair with each step.

What are the steps for using KeraLage ® Rejuvenating System?

Step #1 - Pre-Cleanse Treatment. Step #2 - Opulence ® Hydrate Shampoo. Step #3 - Opulence ® Hydrate Conditioner. Step #4 - Opulence ® Moisturizing Hair Creme. Step #5- Opulence ® Shine. Step #6- Nutritive Scalp Serum.

I have thick curly hair but I generally do not use oils in my hair, would my hair benefit from using the shampoo and conditioners?

Yes! especially if you have been using products that contain chemicals/ synthetics for many years. Synthetic ingredients tend to build-up on the hair. As a result, you may notice that our shampoo does not create a" rich foam" the first few times you use it. Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients which if used consistently, gently washes away accumulated synthetic build up. As you rid your hair of the build-up by using our shampoo and conditioner , you will experience more "foam" being generated with less shampoo after about 3 to 5 washes depending on your hair.

What ingredients you will never find in our products?

Parabens, SLS,SLES, mineral oil,acetamide MEA,aluminum hydroxide,benzethonium chloride, ethylene glycol, germall,silicone,laureth 7,olefin sulfonate,PABA(para-amenobenzoicacid), disodium EDTA aluminum lauryl sulfate.

What are SLS, and SLES what effect can these ingredients have on your hair?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate are inexpensive chemical foaming agents that are used as a cleansing component. They generate a "rich lather", but are also responsible for drying out the hair by stripping it of its natural oils causing the hair to be dry, stressed and prone to breakage.